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2011 Great Ontario Salmon Derby(GOSD)

According to the official weigh in slips, MC Rockets were used to catch 7 top 10 Salmon in the 2011 GOSD, including the week 5 winner, (31.44 lb.) by Mark Lemke, winning a 2011 Toyota Matrix. In total, anglers won cash & prizes worth just over $30,000.

In addition, MC Rockets won several PEDD (pay every day derby), as well as Big Fish Friday, in the Whitby KOTL, worth $1,000.

Not only do Rockets consistently catch fish, they consistently catch BIG FISH.

Your MC Rockets passed this weekend warriors test with flying colors! Not one hit on real meat and it was good fresh stuff, all our fish and hits on the Rockets over 2 days. I never got to try them all. The brown gobie colored mags took most of the hits and the hi ho silver came in second. Largest fish 28 pounds. Used them behind BTI Smurf SUV Mambas with SUV twinkie rigs with mag head. I handed some over to friends, no feedback from them yet. Hope to get back out there (Lake Ontario) next weekend. Thanks again!

See you on the pond!

Eric Plummer
Oswego, NY

Your MC Rockets outperformed all other presentations for us again this weekend. Great product...

See you on the pond!
Eric Plummer

From: Kyle Knesner, Oostburg, Wi. (Lake Michigan)

We run allot of meat but our first try with plastics. Do you have a favorite scent to coat the plastics in? We were thinking of herring oil or smelly jelly.

Mike: I personally rarely use it, but pink Smelly Jelly paste is effective as well.

Kyle: We fished a small tourney on sat\sun and the rockets produced great. Sat glow #1 had 9 fish 3 lake trout and 6 kings at 169í down. Cutbait was on 3 other rods and caught 7 fish 2 lake trout 3 coho 2 kings. Sunday we caught 3 lake trout 2 kings all on Mc Rockets This was running 3 cutbaits and 2 MC rockets. Fishing was tough for all teams but we did manage a board spot with one of our big lakers caught on dalmation. They seem to work great and good call on sending a #1 in the package it worked great.

The rockets have been killing them,well one rocket I have landed 10+ kings on that #24 that had bled what a bait! Anyways I have been using the eyes on my teaesers and like it, just wondered if you could steer me in the right direction on where to buy them. Thanks Kyle

Ps Was out with a charter at Whitby last night called WEPOUNDEM really nice guy but he is a cut bait guy, I had one of my twinkie rigs down with #24 and it took the most shots! End of the night he said "gonna get a few of those!"

Thanks again Mike

Kyle Billingsley

Remember me, Mike. You gave me a lure about two years ago and another about two weeks ago at Port Hope. Just wanted to say thankyou. It has been superb, has caught lots of fish and last Saturday it caught a thirty-one pounder. thanks a lot and hope to see you again before the end of the season.

George Moore

MC Rockets are a consistent King Salmon Weapon. The versatile lineup of colors, and their ability to call up Big Kings using a variety of presentations make them a winner on the Live Wire. Whether on wire divers, riggers, copper or core, MC Rockets are a proven fish catching tool. With the ability to tune them to pretty much any speed, they are a winner in any presentation from spring to fall.

- Jason Ciupak aka Crazyfish! Founder of

I was introduced to MC Rockets several years ago while in Bowmanville. With-in a few short Chinook fishing trips the "Rocket" became a very important part of our spread of baits. We only had 1 sample of Rocket and we landed 35 kings before the Rocket was lost on a break off.

In the last several years the #69 Dalmatian Rocket has produced all of our large king salmon during our annual spring migration to the Niagara Bar. Fishing 130' to 180' down in 280' feet of water this particular rocket has out produced all lures and even whole herring set-ups in deep water.

The Captains at Reddog Sportfishing recommend the Rocket to any serious salmon angler.

Thanks Mike for a great product

Randy Scott
Reddog Sportfishing

Al VanDusenI am a Lake Ontario veteran angler with over 30 years on the big water chartering and sport fishing. During a lifetime of salmon angling I think an angler would be lucky to have more than a few go to baits. With me it was the Evil Eye back in the 80s and the then Northern King spoons. In the 90s, it was flashers & cut herring and since the turn of the century ATOMMIK flies and Dream Weaver Spin Doctor flashers.

In 2006 I was fortunate to get in on the initial testing of the M.C. Rocket imitation cut bait. Rockets were a great alternative to Rhys Davis strips. No smell, no worry about refrigeration, and most important, they were durable and produced a lot more fish than a pack of cut bait. During the first year of testing many anglers had more than 50 shots on a Rocket and it was still producing.

Rockets are, by far the best bait that I have ever used in low light conditions, bar none.

They are now my go to bait in July and August. First bait down before the sun is up. The super glow is the key to success.

They are not a bait that can just be put into your spread somewhere. They have to be tuned to the speed that you are trolling at and the key is to find where they work best in your spread. I have caught kings on them in April, May, June, and September but those months are still a work in progress. In July and August they are just absolutely awesome.

On July 17 th /09, Mike and I were at the Scotch Bonnet Island off Wellington and in 6 hours we boated 18 kings, all over 20 and it rated in my top 10 all time best days. Considering, we had only 2 rods in the water; it will be a day we will never forget.

I truly believe the M.C. Rocket is the newest edition in the evolution of salmon angling as the ecosystems of the great lakes are continuously changing.

Al Van Dusen (aka - Trannyman)

Team Hooknrelease, have been using Rockets for the past two and half years, and we have to say a big thanks to you for helping us catch more fish. Since we started running the rockets we have noticed that they outperform every other lure we run in our spread and with amazing consistency from spring through to fall. One of the great advantages in running Rockets is being able to tune them up to suit the bite and conditions, and to be able to use the same one day in day out, and they even out perform herring and anchovies !!

With the exceptional range of colours available, there is no end to the successful combinations we can choose from and always guaranteed to take the best fish of the day.

Thanks to running rockets, we have shown and proven to others that they really do work, and this year proved it yet again in the Tightlines shootout, our highlight of the day was a triple header all on rockets enabling us to finish seventh overall.

Thanks again Mike

Ian Ė Team Hooknrelease

My name is Kingsley Hawes (KING) so I call my boat 'SALMON KING' I have fished Lake Ontario for 20 years from out of Wellington Harbour.

I have been fishing with MC rockets for two to three years now. I would not fish anymore without one or two rockets down at all times. I fish one rocket on the back of a spin doctor, back from my cannon ball 12 to 15 ft. The mag size #1 is my favourite. When I use two rockets, I put the other 40 to 50 ft. behind. I like to spread them out about 10 to 15 ft. at different depths. I use a slidding snell hook in the back of the teaserhead with my rocket secured in it by use of a toothpick. The snell will keep my treble at the proper distance behind the rocket. I must say that since I have started using MC Rockets I catch 60-70% of my fish on them. My favourite rockets are the Frog, Black and White (Michael Jackson), Wonderbread & Blueberry Muffin.


Salmon King

For the past 4 years, I've been using MC Rockets and I find that these were well thought out and built strong and are a great fish catching bait...In July of 2007, along with my partner John Eggleston, we got into a great bite in Port Hope, and in 5 and 1/2 hours of fishing we boated and released 23 Chinook Salmon on the same MC Rocket...This Rocket was so badly ripped up and the only one we had at the time in that colour that we decided to use shoe goo, to try and repair it...Repair it we did and the next morning we boated another 4 fish on that same Rocket, before it was broke off...Now, the Rockets have been and will always be part of my arsenal...They catch fish, are tough, and dont leave the boat and cooler all stinky like we always had with cut bait...Bernie

Hello Mike ,,,,

A short note to thank you for a great salmon season,,, we used your Rockets on each trip out from Wellington area,,, at any given time we fished a Rocket down deep off the riggers back anywhere from 12 feet to 35 feet,,, the success ratio over spoons was increased over previous seasons,,,

Your rockets contributed to another great salmon season and we thought you ought to know,,, we owe it to the rockets,,,,,

Thank you ,,, and here's to a better 2010 ,,,,,

Capt. Roger

JJ jr., West Lake , Canada

I have been using the rockets for the past 3 fishing seasons since their 1st conception. With over 35 years of fishing experience as a professional fishing charter operator, in my opinion this is one of the best baits on the market. I have had great success and have recommended them to all my fishing friends. The large selection of colours for the rockets, clarity of the water and tuning of the bait add to the effectiveness of this product. I highly recommend any fishermen, pro or amateur to give them a try. You won't be disappointed.

Gary Cooper
Action Angler Charters

I was introduced to the MC Rocket in July 2006. I had been using herring strips the year before and everyone knows the cost and the smell associated with them. The first MC rocket I used produced 24 chinook and had 61 hits before it was destroyed. talk about value for the buck, I guess so. Since that time , I have tried various colours and sizes of MC Rockets and they all produce fish. I would highly recommend trying this product if you want to catch salmon, as its all I use. Try running them behind Spin doctors, flashers, Dodgers etc. 6 foot lenths work for me, but some people like to run them shorter. Good luck and good fishing. Remember, slow is good.

Scott Ellis, H.B. Fishing Charters.

I was lucky enough to use MC Rockets in my boat during the past three summers, and without them my catch rates would have been lower. I primarily target Chinook salmon during June and July and running MC Rockets in the program has brought in more and larger fish. My preference has been to run dark greens or light color MC Rockets off the downriggers behind flashers, and they always produce. The fact that they are tuneable and the roll rate can be altered gives them a huge advantage over regular cutbait, they are more durable than cutbait and can often be used to catch a dozen or more Chinooks before being retired! Another nifty feature of MC Rocket is the fact that once a fish hits it always leaves a tell-tale bend in the Rocket, a sure fire indicator that the right bait is in the water and itís set up correctly!

MC Rockets are a bait I run in my salmon trolling program every time I am on the water and they always produce!

Glenn Anderson
Skeiron Offshore Fishing and Guide Service

Metro East AnglersTo me fishing for Great Lakes Salmon is not just a great recreational hobby but also a competitive sport. I captain the MEA Offshore Fishing Team and almost every weekend from mid June to mid September we are out fishing for Great Lakes salmon in one tournament or another. One of the teamís go to baits and most consistent producers, tournament after tournament, is the MC Rocket. It puts salmon in the boat for us. The main reason we feel the Rocket is the best in class of the Artificial Cutbaits is the glow colour combinations available and the fact that you can put a custom bend in the bait that stays in placeÖ. At least until a salmon smashes it! The customized bend allows you to get the exact roll you are looking for at different trolling speeds which is extremely important if you want to put fish in the boats. Our favourite setups for the Rockets are the number 17# Rocket and the Frog Rocket with a Bull Frog Hotspot Flasher about 70 inches out front, off the main riggers. We have also found the Muffin Rocket to be a good producer off the dipsie with a matching Protroll out front. The MC Rocket has helped our team over the last 4 years win the PWSFA Overall Championship twice, finished in the top 10 weekly GOSD twice, place 7th overall at the 2008 summer Scotty and also win largest fish 3 times at various tournaments around Lake O. Donít leave port without it.

Bruce Burt ----- Captain MEA Offshore Fishing Team

MC Rockets are the way to go if you want quantity and quality Kings.  My cousin and I have used them for a couple of years now. This year the fish were plentiful from the MC Rocket, producing many salmon over 20lbs.  It helped me place 6th for week 6 in the Great Ontario Salmon Derby 2009, the largest fish for me to date - 29.26 lbs. They are easy to set up and retune after each strike.  My cousin also uses them to catch Lake Trout in the back lakes where he lives.

What a versatile lure..

Jason Hermer
Salmon Searcher

The ROCKETS are by far the best cut bait imitation i have ever used....I was given the opportunity to test these baits in my home waters when they first came out several seasons ago...Being the first at The Scarborough Bluffs to have them. I showed my samples to anglers around my port and some were a little skeptical as to their catching ability.....Those first impressions were about to change very quickly....To be quite honest..i had not caught a single fish with them on my first 2 attempts...but not wanting to just give up i "tuned" my bait more and thats when the rocket started showing its true colours...I remember an evening out that summer with a friend aboard his boat...he used the real cut bait and i used a ROCKET...after 9 fish on the ROCKET,the real cut bait finally took a fish...our lines were not that far apart in depth and lead behind the ball,,the 9th fish had damaged the spine so i removed it and fired the ROCKET back down ..resulting in a 28.8lber to end the night...Since then. many more anglers in my area are using them and with great success too! All you have to do is "TUNE" them to your "STYLE OF FISHING"..they are a very speed tolerant bait and are a great down deep bait with the super glow sides....I will never be without these baits in any tournament.or as a guest on another boat..Whether you fish these baits clean or behind an attractor of somekind..they are certainly worth having in your box...thanks MIKE for a great product and for helping me put more fish "in the box"..

best regards..

Chris Currie..

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